A versatile administrative professional with a focus on organization, efficiency, and education.   

Bachelor's Degree in Physics, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA

  • Functional Resume — Functional Summary of Experience, Top 5 Strengths, Academic Achievement (1-pg PDF, 115 KB)

  • Traditional Resume — Contains both pages described below (2-pg PDF, 142 KB)

  • Educator Resume — Teaching Philosophy, Summary, Selected Experience, Academic Achievement, Teaching Experience (2-pg PDF, 136 KB)      

  • Astronomy Research — Astronomy Research Abstracts (1-pg PDF, 101 KB)

from Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0

Strategic  —  Formulates goals, plans, & contingencies.  Explores & evaluates options & consequences.  Diagnoses, solves, & prevents problems.
Ideation  —  Is flexible, innovative, & efficient.  Finds patterns & mistakes.  Provides clear explanations.  Brainstorms & creates solutions on the fly.
Learner  —  Masters new systems & skills.  Easily shifts between projects.  Unafraid of the challenging & unknown.  Eager to learn & improve.
Input  —  Manages information & resources:  investigate, catalog, categorize, organize, systematize, integrate, access, document, & disseminate.
Intellection  —  Breaks down complex concepts.  Creates explanatory models.  Communicates clearly with excellent vocabulary.

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