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In Progress . . .
The Equipping Bible is a new study Bible that I've designed.  The site's finished but I'm still pitching it to publishers.  — Check it out and let me know what you think!

The Bible has all we need to accomplish the work of God.  The features of The Equipping Bible just help encourage believers, give them useful tips, and urge them to get started with some practical steps.  The concept is based on the verse:

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful
for teaching, rebuking, correcting,
and training in righteousness, so that the man of God
may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17

(Not So) Recently . . .
Fort Payne Celebrate Recovery I created a website for the local Fort Payne Celebrate Recovery group more than a year and a half ago.  One of the best features is the FPCR YouTube Channel, with more than 160 praise songs focused on forgiveness and healing.

Celebrate Recovery
is a Christ-centered 12-Step program that ministers to damaged people
which is essentially everyone
by helping them turn their lives over to Christ's healing care.

Recovery areas include:  Addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, pornography, etc.), co-dependency, perfectionism, low self-esteem, depression, fear of rejection / abandonment, broken relationships, grief, guilt, resentment, anger, all sorts of abuse,
... and any other damaging hurts, habits, or hang-ups you may be struggling with.

Who Benefits from The FairTax? Brochure I love The FairTax plan for tax reform.  I was even the DeKalb County Community Coordinator and the webmaster for the old Alabama FairTax site.  But I haven't spent much time on the project lately so I've decided to let the domain expire.  The info is still available here, in my FairTax Facts directory.

The FairTax will replace our current complicated income tax system with a simple national sales tax, charged on new goods when they're first sold.  It provides a monthly rebate of all the taxes that would be paid for spending at the poverty level.  This rebate will replace all exemptions / deductions and effectively 'un-tax' the poor.  The FairTax is revenue-neutral and will:  stimulate the economy, create jobs, reduce prices, cut political corruption, encourage recycling, ... and, best of all, Fire the IRS!

Who Benefits From The FairTax?
A brochure I created that highlights the impact of The FairTax.
(2-pg PDF, 544 KB)

My WordPress Blogs To improve organization and visibility, I grouped my website content by audience and have begun to migrate it over to my new WordPress blogs: The Sunshine HTML Resource and FairTax Facts will remain here but this site will primarily serve as a host for my blog media.

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