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Summary Pages:

  My About.Me Page

My Page

Check out my new About.Me Page, a front page for my web presence.


Featured Pages:

  FairTax Facts

FairTax Facts

FairTax Facts is a site to learn more about The FairTax Plan for tax reform.

  Sunshine HTML Resource

Sunshine HTML Resource

Sunshine HTML Resource is a quick reference for those already familiar with HTML. Fully interconnected, what you're looking for is just a click away.

  Resume of Sunny Snaith

Resume of Sunny Snaith

An accomplished computer professional: adaptable, accurate, efficient, and creative, with a focus on problem-solving, time management, and personal growth.

  HTML Photo Frames

Virtual Photo Frames Using HTML

Virtual Photo Frames Using HTML is .

  The Rules of Polite Discourse

The Rules of Polite Discourse

The Rules of Polite Discourse is a collection of guidleines for fighting fairly and respectfully.

  Car Maintenance Log

Car Maintenance Log

Car Maintenance Log is a customizable Excel spreadsheet with typical service intervals.



  Sunshine Study Notes

Sunshine Study Notes

Sunshine Study Notes is a collection of my notes from college and some study materials I created for my tutoring students (Recent Posts).

Sections include:   Study Skills, Math (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus), Science (Astronomy, Physics), Language (Spanish, English), Art, History (USA 1492-1800, Geography), and Other Subjects.

  Sunny's Soapbox

SoSaysSunny / Sunny's Soapbox

SoSaysSunny is my soapbox, a blog for my opinions and rants (Recent Posts).

Sections include:   Life, Personality, Science, Education, Politics, FairTax, and Miscellaneous Topics.

  Questions about Faith

Questions about Faith

Questions about Faith is ... (Recent Posts).

Sections include:   Why Believe?   What to Believe?   How to Live It?   How to Share It?   How to Defend It?   What about Science?   Other Religions?   Read the Bible?   Other Resources?

  Sunny Designs

Sunny Designs

Sunny Designs is a blog for my designs and ideas (Recent Posts).

Sections include:   Artwork, Fashion Designs, Jewelry Designs, Food Designs, Home Designs, Furniture Designs, Photography, Writings, and Random Designs.

  Sunny's Stories

Sunny's Stories

Sunny's Stories is a virtual scrapbook of my various travels, stories, and photos (Recent Posts).

Sections include:   My Travels, Events & Activities, Daily Life & Home, My Illustrious Family, Beloved Pets, and More About Me.

  Hmmm... Stuff

Hmmm... Fun, Funny, Interesting, and Strange Stuff

Hmmm... Stuff is a collection of cool stuff Iíve collected over the years and Iíll continue adding more as I run across it (Recent Posts).

Sections include:   Fun Stuff, Funny Stuff, Interesting Stuff, Strange Stuff, and Random Stuff.


Site Map:
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Blog Content Folders


/soapbox/SO SAYS SUNNY, SUNNY'S SOAPBOX (images)

Life, Relationships, Health, Organization, Finances, Personality, Faith, Science, Web/PCs, Politics, The FairTax, & Misc.


/designs/SUNNY DESIGNS (images)

Art, Colors, Fashion, Jewelry, Food, Homes, Furniture, Photography, Writing, Forms, & Misc.,

/stories/SUNSHINE STORIES (images) (photos)

Travels, Events, Life, Family, Pets, & Me.


Activities: Games, Coloring, & Information

Visual: Cartoons, Animal Photos, Artwork, People Photos, Things & Scenes Photos, & Videos

Audio: Music & Speech

Verbal: Jokes, Quotes, & Stories

Computer: Applications, Fonts, Themes, & Sounds

Graphics: My Graphics File Scheme & My Color Abbreviations

Main & Featured Folders


Tag Syntax, Footnotes, Instructions, About the Resource, About the Author, Calling Cards.

/fairtax/FAIRTAX FACTS (images) (files)

About The FairTax, My Brochure Who Benefits from the FairTax?, Get Involved, Calling Cards.

/favorites/MY FAVORITES (images)

Favorites Books, Music ( Pop, Country, Christian, Christmas, Classical ), Movies, & More.



Selected Offsite Pages

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